Hello hello! ConNichiwa 2017 was a success and a super fun time. I am so excited that a con attendee bought a piece of fanart then got it signed by the voice actor, Vic Mignogna!

My spring break is over and I am working hard to finish up the school year. I am also moving in the next 2-3 weeks so I have been helping refurbish the condo before I move in. AND my best bud is getting married so I spend some time helping her plan and prep. All in all- April is insanely busy. I love it that way. But, it likely means I will not have updates on time. It pains me to miss an update! It really does!

Rest assured I am trying as hard as I can to keep up. 🙂 You readers and fans mean -so- much to me.

See you at Cottonwood Anime Expo on April 1!!