The land of Arkone


Long ago, the world was shaped by a handful of gods; Dagr, Llyr, Fei, and Adonis. As they shaped the land, they shaped creatures as well. The gods instructed the creatures to care for Arkone and initially mixed their kin together in harmony. But these creatures were not gods, so inevitably, their disagreements led to war. This great war later became known as The Crash of Fates.

Races split. Prejudice grew. Typha, the god of chaos, was born of the creatures’┬átransgressions.

Following the war, towns remained separate, isolating the races from one another. A chosen few spoke with the gods and received boons. People began to worship. Their devotion manifested in greatly different ways.

Typha was jealous of the piety offered to the other gods. Who would worship chaos? Her solution was to create her own kin – the tieflings. The tieflings were born with an inherent passion for disorder and bedlam. They fought among themselves, then began to invade other lands. Due to their ties with chaos, they wrecked the greatest destruction of Arkone had ever seen.

As years passed, races began to band together to halt the constant tiefling invasions. They were somewhat successful. The tiefling armies were relatively suppressed, confined to the southern reaches. Slowly, cautiously, trust began to grow between races once more.

Though, as always, war eventually returns. The third war of Arkone is where our story takes place. The focus of the first chapter is Port Gall, the Great City of the northeast; a land tied closely to water…