As I have mentioned, April was going to be very busy! I have a LOT going on at work since I work in a school district and we are closing out the year (only 7 weeks left???). I’m also part of a wedding and moving homes all before the end of the month! Exhausting! Also unfortunate, I became randomly ill on the 2nd and have spent time and energy working to recover from that. I’m still feeling terrible but I am getting better. Basically, here’s a notice for a hiatus. Something I told myself I would never need. But c’mon, using absolutes? What Star Wars fan would do that? (Sarah would, she’s such a fan of the bad guys 😉 ).

So, I am going to focus on these few life events for the time being and also get ready for Free Comic Book Day on May 6. After that, I should be settled in enough to have updates back on track by May 13 or 20.

TL;DR – Life is wildly hectic, my health has failed me (for now), comic on hiatus until mid May.

Love you guys! Please comment or send notes or whatever during the hiatus. I may not be able to complete and update pages but I do have time to check the site and respond to messages. 🙂