The Crash of Fates, a worldwide battle, drove apart villages and The Great Cities alike, resulting in the near annihilation of entire races. In order to stop the conflict and rebuild the world of Arkone, former enemies had to work together. Devotion to the all powerful goddesses by each race began to heal the land.

Nearly a thousand years have passed since the end of the war. Valakas, a malicious tiefling, is bent on overtaking The Great Cities. His intended weapon: the goddesses themselves.

When Port Gall is attacked by Valakas’s second in command and the city militia is scattered, Esra, a young militia swordsman, is ordered to protect Fayd, a seemingly dense alchemist. Does the order to protect the alchemist hold any weight outside the city? How far must Esra accompany Fayd in his quest to appeal to the goddesses for aid? How does one convince an immortal of the importance of life?