There is a LOT going on! My new job takes up a lot of my day, but I am also working hard on tons of things for you to look forward to!

1. False Deity comics are for sale at R-Galaxy and Constant Con!

2. Constant Con also has all my other artwork available – just like my booth at a convention would offer. 😀 So cool!

3. Chapter 2’s LAST PAGE is NEXT WEEK!! That means I am drawing the artwork included in the printed chapter, the cover image for chapter 3, AND this week’s page! There’s so much coming, so much to be excited about!

4. With all that going on, I am a little off schedule. I am working on prints, buttons, and stickers as well as False Deity stuff in preparation for TUCSON COMIC CON which is COMING SO SOON!!! False Deity is on the exhibitor list! (Along with awesome other tables like Aortic Inkwell, Pissed OFF Panda, and Hi-Fi colour design! Wooooo!!) Check out the list! AND BUY YOUR TICKETS they are so cheap for a whole weekend woooowwwww

Exhibitor List