Esra grew up in Port Gall with an affluent trading family. She spent her early years volunteering for the city church, known world-wide for its dedication to the goddess of water, Llyr. In her early teens, Esra left the church and began training as part of the city guard. She has become competent with a sword and shield, and joins the militia as they protect Port Gall from the invading tieflings. She has easily achieved success throughout her life and can only hope that continues into this adventure.

Esra enjoys board games and straight forward people. She dislikes disingenuous people. (who doesn’t?)


Fayd, also raised in Port Gall, is an apprentice alchemist. When he isn’t gathering new herbs or learning from Darry, master alchemist of the city, he assists in worship and ceremonies. His efforts at the church are supervised by his father, Parker, the master of worship in Port Gall. Fayd is recognized by the townsmen for his devout faith to Llyr. He tries his best and remains confident despite his constant mistakes.

Fayd loves spending time in nature and dislikes slimy things.


Captain of the tiefling forces. Second in command to Berkuth’s military. Carries two lightweight rapiers. Easily recognized by military and townspeople alike, Karcius has a reputation of being a little…tricky.

Karcius enjoys leadership positions. He’s not the biggest fan of being wrong…


He’s a calm kind of guy, and Karcius’s lieutenant. Though not always in support of Karcius’s decisions, he is highly respected by the tiefling army. He is clearly disturbed during battles and prefers to refrain from the front line.

Imavnon likes music and really dislikes violence.


A fairy bard who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to give Esra and Fayd a hand. Careless, whimsical, and sly, it is difficult to predict what she’s planning. She is proud of her skills as a bard. Her instrument of choice is a lute.

Zinnea loves the feel of mixed fabrics and dislikes strict rules.


Corin works as a cleric in Terenth, but spends much of his time traveling Arkone to learn of different ways of worship. He is convinced there is a common ground between all religious sects, and finding it will help open the path to end racism. He is somewhat recognized outside of Terenth due to his kindness, but he remains humble and claims he is the same as anyone else.

Corin loves sweetened milk and really dislikes lies.


This mysterious person has come to slap elves and chew bubblegum. Maybe he still has some bubblegum left… Corin seems happy to see this person, so maybe they came from Terenth, too! We’ll know soon. That is, as soon as we know he’s not going to slap around humans like he did the elves…

Some say he seems to enjoy fluffy pillows. Others have noticed his incredible distaste for weakness – especially people who are not trying to improve their weaknesses.


Master of Faith in Port Gall. Looked up to as a guiding figure of the city. He has been a major facilitator of growth for the city after the invasion prior to the beginning of the story. Success of the church is his major focus. Parker is Fayd’s dad, and kind of a short guy – both height and temper.

Parker likes quiet, relaxing days and tends to get upset when things don’t go as planned.


Port Gall’s apothecary. Provides herbs, potions, and mixtures as a sort of pharmacy. Works with the city cleric to maintain the health of the people. Loved by the community for his constant presence and bright demeanor. Darry cares deeply for Fayd, and is training him as an apprentice.

Darry loves sharing – knowledge, food, time, everything! He really doesn’t like being cold.


Mastermind behind Berkuth’s invasion of the Great Cities. He is not often seen on the battlefield, only known to have attended the worst of the battles during the last conflict. The army knows little of him. This mystery builds support through fear.

He loves power yet always seems troubled during worship.


An elf who can bake some killer macarons! In Riverside, she sees a lot of things and meets a lot of people, which is helpful for folks looking for information. Does she know Karcius?

She loves big hugs and hates seeing people take advantage of others.