August is almost over and I haven’t posted an update. Oops! I have been settling into my new full time job in a school district. I am a salary employee so full time sometimes means 9 hours a day! I have been keeping up with the comic for the most part, and I’ve done lots and LOTS of planning for future pages and chapters. 🙂 So excited for chapter 3. Each chapter just gets me more and more pumped! I hope you feel the same way.

Chapter 3 begins October 8! You can see the cover of chapter 3 on October 4 (Tuesday) and the first page (61) will be available on Saturday like normal. So exciting!

Working with the amazing folks at R-Galaxy and Constant Con has helped me learn a lot about the comic business. I am looking into finding a way to print cheaper and pass the savings to you all. 🙂 Even if I can’t find savings, False Deity Chapter 2 – The Road to Terenth, will be available mid-October for $6 each. EEeeeee!!! 😀