I’m Sarah! I’m a speech-language pathologist for the local school district. But (arguably) more importantly, I am the writer and illustrator of False Deity! I also manage the website, advertising, and attend comic/anime conventions. Sometimes I even get to sell at those conventions. 🙂

I love language and mages.

Mostly mages.

Many of the characters and events in False Deity have been in my head since around 2000. I was in middle school then, and what a great time to be creative that was! Somehow, 15 years passed and I still hadn’t written their story. In December 2014 I began sketching and writing the story that had hidden in my imagination for so long. By March, I had fledgling pages and began to look into how to publish. August 2015, the cover and first page of False Deity was released! It has been updated about once a week since then. There were even some special event images shared for things like Halloween or Christmas.

I am grateful for the internet and the technological ability for me to produce this comic and offer it for free for you all to enjoy. If you are interesting in supporting this story and helping me keep it free, check out the Patreon page. 🙂